Intercom/Access Control

For improved security, Low Voltage Systems, Inc. can integrate access control solutions into your existing infrastructure that are scalable to meet your changing needs. Low Voltage Systems, Inc. protects your home and commercial buildings with precisioned technological mastery with controls like Aiphone, Door King and PCSC.

Low Voltage Systems, Inc. can provide any application to any entry with:

• Commercial and residential security systems featuring anti-burglary, card access, IP intercoms and closed circuit tv providing secure video door IP intercom functions.

• Building entry security systems with intercom, video and access control.

• Video door entry phones and systems, remote video intercom camera systems, and video interphones.

• Security monitoring systems, door cameras and monitors, security surveillance systems, video gate door access systems, entry video card access control systems, video-enabled doorphones.

• Home and office security protection systems, video surveillance systems, entry access control, home and commercial telephone intercom systems, gated community access control, voice and swipe cards.

• Home and commercial video intercom entry systems, video door answering systems, video door telephone for front door screening.

Low Voltage Systems, Inc. products range from access control, including keyless entry, emergency call systems, fire and intruder alert systems, and panic functions custom engineered and designed for single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartment complexes, condominiums, multi-purpose buildings, gated communities, senior housing facilities, assisted living, commercial buildings, offices, parking garages, airports, government buildings, prisons, schools, universities, hospitals, museums, pharmaceutical laboratories, transportation, and many others.

From new installations to renovations in residential, complex multi-family, and commercial security applications, each project has its own specific requirements that call for exclusive solutions.